13 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives 2017

Photoshop isn’t the only photo editing software available in the market. There are several free and cheap photoshop alternatives available for every platform such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and even online to help in your daily photo editing needs. We tried to cover the best possible free and cheap options in this article.

Adobe Photoshop is the application comes to everyone’s mind for editing and altering pictures or images as per our wish. It has enhanced facilities to change the rawness of a picture. Through Photoshop app we can create whatever we think often. Using Photoshop app, we can change any picture or image from one format to another quickly.

There are few Photoshop alternatives available in the in the form of the software application to help in the image editing and developing. In the beginning, Adobe Photoshop app is most widely used for image editing and other works. Now people started to use different applications for every individual task. Most of the Photoshop applications are available for free downloading from the website.

Each free Photoshop alternatives has its unique features which will result in creating high quality and impressive pictures and images. These apps can help us to add wordings or captions in the photos which will provide a different feel to see it. These apps also offer the option to edit images in the offline as well as in the online mode. Most of the Photoshop apps are working as free Photoshop alternatives.

Free Offline Photoshop Alternatives For Windows, Mac, Linux

GIMP – Most Complete Free Photoshop Alternative

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GIMP is also a free alternative to Photoshop application. It is one of the powerful and flexible applications for photo editing. As a free Photoshop app, it has the features like layers, masks, advanced filters, transformations and color qualities. We never expect these facilities from any other photo or image editing application for free.

GIMP’S has most of the features as a default and pre-installed options. These options are ready to use immediately when enabling the edit mode from the application. It seems to be one of the tremendous and unique features from the GIMP app. From this, we can make the animated and morph images in the live scenario.

The update version of GIMP looks reliable and makes the user comfortable in handling the application. The current version packs some useful features including tool boxes, menu, and palettes in a single window. Usage of those facilities presents the exciting images as a final product.

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Paint.NET – Best Free Photoshop Alternative For Windows


When searching for free Photoshop alternatives applications from the online site, an app called paint.NET available. In the earlier stages, paint.NET seems to be the alternative to the Microsoft paint. Now the evaluation has changed up to some extent it remains one of the top alternative application for Photoshop application.

Unlike other apps, paint.NET only have few options which are convenient to create excellent images. It has the automatic filter selection option and manual editing tools to generate the pictures with high quality. Batch editing and layers are also available for getting the best output at the end.

Paint.NET is a best Photoshop alternatives app to use in recent times. It doesn’t stop or limit the editing policy which allows making any sized images as a product. Considering other alternatives paint.NET need more functionalities and updates to compete with the other sources in the form of editing tools, filter options and further more.

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Photo Pos Pro – Another Free Photoshop alternative For Windows

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Photo pos pro is the another free alternative to Photoshop app. It gives the users a better chance for providing the unimaginable and advanced type of pictures at the end. The free alternative app has many tools like filters, automatic adjustments, sharpness and more. Photo pos pro brings out the layer masks, clones, brushes, and layers as like Photoshop app.

From Photo Pos, pro users can create their frames and templates which are a huge advantage for the editors to make the unique picture. But there is a limitation in the size of the files and pixels seemed like a drawback of Photo Pos pro app. The premium version of this app cut down this problem. The premium version of Photo Pos Pro is available for 20 US dollars. The rate of premium version is normal when compare the rate with its excellent features.

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Seashore – Best Free Alternative To Photoshop For Mac Users


This is the best and free alternatives to Photoshop apps in the market right now. This app supports both Mac and windows platforms as well. The Mac users are more concern about the Photoshop app. They are very limited to use alternatives and other application from their systems. But seashore app breaks out all the shatters and supports the Mac systems as well.

This is similar to the GIMP app features with certain changes in the in the whole update. Here you can also experience the tools of layers, brush strokes, gradients, and so on. The plug-in support enables to generate the beautiful images in the end. This is app can be accessed for free from the website.

From seashore app, we can create any images in the format JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and XCF. The advanced version can be used with the premium account activation for the fixed charge imposed by the authority. If you are n Mac device users, then it will be the better choice to obtain the alternative for Photoshop. Seashore is a good free alternative to Photoshop.

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GrafX2 – Available For Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and more

GrafX2 is also free alternatives to Photoshop app for the photo editors. This is also one of the popular applications for the Mac system users. Yes, if you are using the Mac device then use this Photoshop application for editing and generating exciting photos and pictures through this grafX2. The free version of this app also available from the website, you can access the free version at any time.

GrafX2 has the features of palettes, gradients, brushes, transparency and more. These options are necessary to develop high-quality images or pictures according to the framed design. Apart from the tools as mentioned above, grafX2 has few other unique tools which make it different from the other alternatives Photoshop app.

This application supports the operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, Atari mint, FreeBSD, LINUX, DOS and much more. From this, you can able to create color cycling and filter effects from the editing tools. GrafX2 can support all kind of images which are available officially right now.

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Best Free and Paid Online Photoshop Alternatives

Pixlr – Will make you feel Photoshop in browser


One must know that Pixlr is also a free photo editing software like Photoshop. By using this app, anyone can edit the best level of the picture up to certain level. If you are really looking forward to the best editing app, Pixlr is highly working with offline as well online. Most of them are claiming that this app is almost similar to photoshop. However, it is not the same level of application. When comes to interface process, the Pixlr app works according like photoshop.

When coming to Pixlr, we can make use of a different number of options like filters, stickers, and more stuff. Let’s have a look that what options that make sense to bring out excellent pictures at the end.

  • Filters: With the number of different types of filters, you can easily tone up or down with an equal number of colors for more attractive pictures.
  • Effects: When coming to Effects, a large number of modes that you can expect from online or offline. All you just need to purchase the effect if it is available in online. Once purchased the latest effects, you can make your photo even better with special effects
  • Stickers: While editing the photo, you can also add a number of stickers according to the design of photos. For example, you can add cakes or balloons stickers in birthday celebration photos. According to the occasion, you can add any number of stickers at any time.

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Fotor – Works perfectly with social media platforms

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Are you a Photoshop lover that who are all already worked with a number of photos for best edit and then here it is a chance to make use of this app. This online application free alternative to Photoshop is highly going to work in an online platform for photo edit. With a number of filters and effects, you can make better banner ads and powerful edited images for product branding purpose. However, you need to pay $39 as an annual payment. Once it is done, you can work as per your convenience with better options.

This free photo editing software like Photoshop supports to pre-set the number of effects and designs for social Medias. If you are looking for image background, then will highly support at any time to bring the better outcome.

  • Edit Collages: If you are a lover of collages and want to make it for every occasion as well as share with your friends to cheer best moments can take advantage of this mode.
  • Borders: By following the photos for editing purpose, you can add a border for more effects. Especially, if you are going with fabulous photos to edit, then adding borders will add even better quality to the picture.
  • Paste stickers: Along with other modes, pasting stickers for more fun like emojis and other icons will bring you better mood to the picture as per the environment.

These are the things will work high time once if you are purchased this app for your desktop to work online.

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PicMonkey – Better use for social networking sites


It is one of the programs like Photoshop which is very simpler to use and edit your favorite pictures at any time without any struggle. When coming to the editing process, this app works big time on the desktop, iOS, and Android devices as well. However, it is the oldest favorite apps for many users for retouching their pictures or adding extra effects in a short span of time. It also consumes very less memory in terms of downloading on your device at any time for free. If you are looking for more updates, then you need to pay 5.50 euro for better options.

We can’t expect better options than using filters, effects and few options to edit your pictures. However, professional photos will work on sharing with Facebook or Twitter and other sites to deal with. For better editing and sharing on social networking sites, PicMonkey plays the vital role with simple options.

  • Attractive frames: With a number of frames, you can choose any of the frames and set for the photo for a trendy look. Also, it will help for occasions event photos for attractive edit.
  • Add textures: Along with the best editing, you can also give captions with stylish fonts. Users can also change the font as per their interest.

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Best Paid & Cheap Photoshop Alternatives

Affinity Photo – Most Complete and Affordable Choice For Mac & Windows

Affinity photo is the programs like Photoshop that is almost similar, and one must admit that this is the closest app which has almost the same options like Photoshop. When coming to working process, this is highly supported to work with Windows and Mac. However, you can also see that it has a small type of icons with a large form of settings to select. Like Photoshop, it also has blending modes, layers to adjust, masking, retouching and more stuff that you can see. This application works with higher performances than other editing apps.

  • Offline app: When coming to this application, you can purchase this application at 39.99 euro. However, it is mainly working with offline and engages the users to edit without any ads or low internet.
  • Creative image editor: As we mentioned that this is one of the programs like Photoshop which has the number of options to go further. One must know, it has no trial version to check out the performances.

For more details, you can download this app at any time and make use of this excellent app for great photo editing without any difficulties.

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As we all know that many people are showing their interest towards editing the pictures and sharing on social networking sites is becoming a trend now. For your information, we can find many apps to purchase and download for free. Those people who want to use the editing apps for free can follow above free photo editing software like Photoshop apps. It will be beneficial for all the people that who all are passionate about creating effective pictures with best photo editing apps.

Have you got a free Photoshop alternative that you use for your editing needs? It’ll be useful to listen to what you think? What are your alternatives to Photoshop? Tell us in the comment section below.